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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Walkthrough Mission 5 The Bog

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Follow the road straight ahead.

Keep following the road until the road goes down.

The squad will be ambushed. The soldiers will be in the destroyed building to the right.

You get ordered to kill the soldiers in that building. So move forward and then turn right.

Enter the building and turn right.

Climb the stairs. Kill any enemy soldiers that get in your way.

At the top of the stairs, go through the door.

There will be like four soldiers here.

Follow the hall to a door to the left.

There will be like two soldiers in this room.

Turn around and there will be more soldiers in the upper floors behind you.

Once the apartment building is cleared, head back down stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, go through the door to your right.

Go to the left inside the room.

Follow the hallway until you find a door to the right.

There will be enemy soldiers outside.

Once the soldiers are dead, pick up the javelin rocket launcher.

Go in to the building to the left of the javelin.

On the right side will be stairs to the second floor.

On the second floor aim the javelin at a tank and when you get lock-on shoot the tank.

Repeat on all the tanks.

Once the tanks are cleared run back down stairs.

Move forward to the chain link fence in the stone wall.

Follow the alley until you get to a passage to the left.

The passage will wrap around back to the left.

Keep moving forward around the building that is in front of you.

After the building the passage narrows and then wraps back around to the right. picture-238 When you get to the open area you find the missing tank.

There is also a swarm of enemy soldiers.

After you kill enough soldiers, Jackson will get new orders to take out a ZPU. Head to the right of where the enemy soldiers where came from.

As you move down this road look for a door to the left.

Across the road from this building is the ZPU. Kill the soldiers in the building and on its roof.

When the way is clear, go across the street.

When you are inside the building, go to the left.

Go outside through the door.

Kill any remaining soldiers around the ZPU.

Walk up to the ZPU and hold the square button to plant the C4.

Once the C4 is planted head back to the street.

Press the R1 button to set the C4 off.

Now Jackson needs to secure the southern sector of the bog. Turn to your left and move straight ahead.

Keep going straight towards the fence.

By the fence will be a glowing yellow symbol.

Go near the symbol and hold the square button to plant the IR beacon.

After the beacon is set Cobra attack helicopters will come in and kill the soldiers.

After the Cobras clear the area, keep the fence on you left and follow it back to the tank.

This will bring Jackson to the end of mission 5.