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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Walkthrough Mission 7 Death From Above

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In this mission you are a turret operator in the AC-130. If you switch to one of the other guns will show them to be blinking. So don't shoot them. The first target to shoot will be a moving car heading for the church.

Shoot the enemy soldier as they swarm the area.

Another car will be in the field.

When you’re told to head for the next village, shoot any cars and soldiers you see.

You will then move to the LZ, shoot the soldiers near the buildings.

On a hill away from the SAS squad will be three soldiers with RPGs. Shoot them and the car that pulls up.

Look for any soldiers that are remaining. Once the area is cleared some helicopters will land to pick up the SAS squad.

This will bring the AC-130 to the end of mission 7.