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Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough Mission #13 - Second Sun

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This is the cutscene at the beginning of the mission.

After one of your teammates will remove the steel girders, allowing you to exit the helicopter, follow them into the bar. Inside the bar, there is an Ammo Crate, don't forget to refill your gun, since you do not have any ammo left.

Follow your teammates into the builiding.

When you reach the office room full of enemies, shoot them down and move on.

Once you've got rid of all the enemies in the office, exit the builiding through the big hole, there are going to be three enemies standing on a car arguing, take them out silently and move on, then you will see some people running to a bus, do NOT kill them until one of your teammates throws a flare on the ground and reveals that they're hostile.

After you've got rid of all threats, get inside the builiding located on the other side of the street.

Head downstairs.

This is the point where you and your team discover the President's bunker, it is also the end of the 13th mission.