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Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough Mission #16 - Loose Ends

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Start following Ghost in the woods.

To make it past the mine filed, you will have to go prone after the first one is triggered.

Don't forget to take out the enemies on the hill, carrying RPGs.

At the safehouse, there are 4 different breaching doors (one of them is inside the house) and you can start with any of them.

This is the 4th and the last one.

After you've breached the door upstairs regroup with Ghost and the others downstairs. Ghost will order you to download all the information on Makarov's computer.

After starting the download, place some claymores at every entrance in the house to slow the enemies down.

Start defending the intel. It should take around 5 minutes to finish downloading the files.

Once the download's completed, retrieve the DNS and head to the landing zone.

At one point, you will get wounded and Ghost will have to help you get up and carry you to the helicopter while a Little Bird provides covering fire.

You will successfully make it to the landing zone, where Shepherd will betray you and then shoot both of you.

Afterwards, he is going to take the intel from you.

The other soldiers will soak you and Ghost with gasoline, during which you can hear Price over the radio telling you not to trust Shepherd or any his men.

Unfortunately, it is too late for both of you, as you and Ghost are set on fire by Shepherd's cigar.

This is the end of the 16th mission.