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Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough Mission #19 - Endgame

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You will begin the mission in pursuit of the traitor, General Shepherd. You have to get into a speedboat and chase him through the cave. Try not to be too far behind him or else you will lose him, and fail the mission.

Once you're in the open area of the river, try to stay away from the right shore and the enemy speedboats (eliminate them if necessary). Try to avoid the incoming Little Birds as well, they cannot be taken down.

At some point, you and Price will make it to the rapids, Price will tell Soap (you) to keep the boat steady and fires three shots at the helicopter, the third one is going to hit it.

After a while, Soap (you) will wake up on the shore after falling down the waterfall.

After you follow Shepherd through the sandstorm, you will see him leaning on a car.

Once you attempt to knife him, Shepherd will ram your head into the car which will cause you to fall, then Shepherd will pull out his own knife and stab Soap in the stomach, causing him to pass out for a short ammount of time. Once your vision returns, you will see Shepherd standing in front of you, loading two rounds in his .44 Magnum, he cocks the hammer of the pistol and points it at Soap's face.

Captain Price intervenes tackling Shepherd and kicking the revolver out of his hand just before Soap gets killed.

Then, you will have to use your left and right mouse buttons to crawl towards the .44 Magnum. Before you get the Magnum, Shepherd kicks it away and stomps on Soap's face, who blacks out.

Soap will wake up again after a short amount of time to see Price and Shepherd fighting, after some time the fight begins to turn in Shepherd's favor. While Shepherd starts kicking Price, Soap notices that the knife is still stuck in his chest.

You have to repeatedly press 'F' to pull the knife out of Soap's chest.

Then, you will have to aim the knife at Shepherd and throw it by pressing left mouse button. Shepherd will look up just before the knife pierces into his left eye, killing him.

Price will attend to Soap's wounds, when he notices a Little Bird landing next to them.

The pilot turns out to be Nikolai, who came to assist Price and Soap.

The game ends as Price and Soap are walking towards the helicopter.

This was the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 6 walkthrough, I hope you found it helpful.