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Call of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough Mission 1 - Operation 40

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After the opening cutscene, follow Woods outside and use the grenade launcher to quickly destroy vehicles.

Stay in cover to avoid enemy fire, then follow Woods to the alleyway to the car.

After the car cutscene, repel with Woods down to the base below.

Follow Woods down the hall providing him covering fire. Kill anyone in your way.

When you break down the door you'll be in slow-motion action scene. Kill all enemies inside.

After the first slow motion action scene, you'll be in another one. Aim for the head, but watch out for the hostage when Castro falls dead.

Make your way to the next checkpoint. Use the left side of the doorway for cover, or go up to the sandbags ahead to pick up some heavy weapons, like a rocket launcher.

After defending your teammates for a while, sprint to the plane waiting for you at the hanger before it leaves without you.

Concentrate on red fuel barrels and vehicles to make the most damage. Then jump out the airplane and k