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Call of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough Mission 2 - Vorkuta

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After the cutscene, follow the rest of the prisoners through the shafts using your knife on any guards that try and attack you. Then, wait for the prisoners to die in a hail of bullets before you head outside.

Protect Reznov and Sergei as they push the cart. Make sure you stay behind the cart as the mounted LMG will tear you to pieces.

Make your way to the next checkpoint and go to the roof. Use the bottom of the targeting reticle for an direct hit on the targets labeled "Target".

Continue making your way to the checkpoint following and protecting Reznov.

Continue making your way to the checkpoint. Beware of ammo as you picked up the weapon from the ground.

Once making your way to the checkpoint, pick up the harpoon and shoot the helicopter with it, taking it down.

Follow Reznov to the next checkpoint, always keep an eye on your ammo.

Continue to fight your way to the next objective and look for better weapons on soldier's bodies.

When the door is breached, see if you can't unload a few grenades into these enemies.

The minigun is great at cutting down vehicles as well as troops.

Your shotgun becomes crazy powerful for this short motorcycle riding scene.

Hold off the enemies long enough for the cut-scene to kick in which will end the mission.