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Call of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough Misson 4 - Executive Order

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After following Woods and getting into your disguises make your way to the next checkpoint. Once your disguises are compromised the fighting will begin.

When approaching from a stairwell, peak out just enough to have a clear shot.

The crossbow with explosive bolts becomes your weapon of choice while protecting Bowman and Brooks.

Crash through the window and wipe out the enemies before your comrade is killed.

Choose the right time to advance further through the facility, like, when the enemy is reloading. Then make your way to the next checkpoint.

Plant the charge on the marked wall, back up, and detonate.

Pick up the valkyrie missile and destroy the rocket, you only have one shot. Make it count.

Continue to the next checkpoint and kill any enemy that gets in your way. Hoorah!

Approach with caution to the last checkpoint which will make you kill dragovic, ending the mission.