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Cave Story Walkthrough Sand Zone

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Take the teleporter to the newly added Sand Zone for your group of friend to try and prevent the Doctor from finding these red flowers! You'll find someone new pretty quickly, but they run away.

Climb your way up these jumping blocks while being careful for the dust bug enemies.

Once at the top, head into the small house on the left. You'll find the person you saw earlier, who thinks you've come to off the mimiga.

She'll then start to fight you with her Machine gun, which she'll charge up before releasing a storm of bullets in the direction she faces. The Mimiga will also slowly try to attack you, just shoot them to knock them over for a bit. Don't worry, they don't die.

After you defeat her, you let her know that you're not here to kill the mimiga, and will quickly welcome you as a friendly. She'll even offer to trade her Machine gun for your Polar Star, but be careful, if you accept this trade you will miss out on the chance to get debatably better weapons later on in the game, like the Spur.

Talk to everyone in the room to find out that you should head to Jenka next, but be sure to go into the back room to (save and) grab the puppy.

Then leave the house and head to the right. You'll encounter floating spin-y things that will split into smaller ones once killed. Touching the sand with the skulls here will also get you chomped pretty quickly, so try and jump from pillar to pillar without touching the sand.

Half way through this section you'll see a Pawprint block. You can jump through these (with or without a Puppy). Here, it's only a shortcut with a save box, but elsewhere it's necessary.

After a small bit more, you'll find yourself in a sand pit at the end. Misery will appear, offering to fight, but something seems to cut her off and she leaves you to instead fight-

The Sand Beast, Omega! The first half of the boss he'll pop out of the sand and shower gears, but the second half he will start to jump around. The Fireball mows through the gears on the ground and Omega's health bar, so as long as you watch out for the gears while they fall, you'll completely steamroll this boss.

Head back the way you came and you'll notice that a gate in the floor will open up to the path bellow. Head down a bit and take the first left you can to find Jenka's house. Talk to her for some story, and she'll ask you to gather her 5 puppies. You already have on, so it'll be delivered.

Time to get the rest of the puppies. Do note though, these can be done in any order. First one I'm going for is through this Pawprint block up near the Sunstone gate.

At the end of a small tunnel is a Heart Container and a chest containing one of the dogs. Grab it and bring it back to Jenka. As you gather more puppies, she'll slowly leak some story and lore between visits.

The Third puppy is waiting on the ground down in the next part of the level. There are some annoying Bird and Skeleton enemies here, learn how to take them out effectively, as you'll be down here quite a bit.

At the end of this stretch, another puppy will be waiting, grab it and head back to Jenka.

About halfway down the same stretch is some Pawprint blocks near the roof. Jump through those to find a path towards the next pup.

Inside the house at the end of that path it's pitch black. To get the Puppy here safely, use your map to see where you can move and jump too. If you missed the map, you can try shooting to see where the bullets hit.

For the final dog, you'll need to keep heading right in the under area, making your way further than where the 3rd puppy was.

At the end you'll find the warehouse everyone is talking about, locked up tight, along with the final puppy. Take him back to Jenka only to find out she was robbed of the Warehouse key by Balrog! Head back to the Warehouse asap.

Go inside the warehouse to not only find that the Doctor has already harvested all the Red Flowers, but that he fed some to Toroko, who is now a rabid mimiga who's gone insane and attacking!

Toroko's attacks consist of jumping around and throwing blocks directly at you. I didn't find any overpowered strategies for this boss, just learn the attack patterns to dodge, and slowly whittle down her health bar with whatever you can.

After winning, talk to King and he'll die, giving you his sword as a weapon. Once you leave however, you'll be pinned by Balrog, and Misery will send you both to the Labyrinth.