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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Walkthrough Combat

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Enemies can be identified depending on what team you picked. Red goes against Blue and vice-versa. Friendly fire however, is almost always activated so watch out where and how you swing! Chivalry command is fast-paced and always fought at certain angle

Using your mouse scroller upwards will result in stab-attacks. These are quick and excellent for poking but don't do too much damage.

Also take great care when fighting as enemies are usually very gank-happy. In this case, I got a massive two-handed mace smashed into my back, leaving me with only an inch of life left.

Retreating into the often open-worldish terrain of Chivalry is a good alternative to dying for the Man-At-Arms to save your team respawn points due to the class being quick on his feet and capable of dodging out of even the most nastiest of situations by pressing the (F) button.

You will slowly start to recover health If you don't swing your weapons and actively sprint. Depending on your class, regenerating back to full health may take a while.

Eventually though, your health will fill right back up as symboled by both your Health-bar at the bottom left and the added color onto the world.

Chivalry is also, despite It's serious atmosphere, quite a comedic game with loads of ways to go around doing things, even bare-fisted combat and light-hearted laughs & taunting sounds.

In this case, this bare-fisted Man-At-Arms went up against an armed opponent on my team..

And won. Fists are surprisingly very hard-hitting and can be attacked in very quick succession. You pull them out by pressing (4).

If you have a shield, you can consecutively block by holding down (M2). Be wary however, as veterans players often can glitch shields and hit you through them.

Chivalry is almost all about timing. Opponents will attempt to parry your attacks through predicting. To make yourself harder to predict, make very good use of the scroll-down attack, whereas your character will execute a down-striking swing. It takes longer time to execute, severely misleading my enemy's parry timing here while also delivering a lot more damage.

People having lances can sometimes be a very big pain. They have fast attack-speeds, high health & armor and massive damage. As a Man-At-Arms, your only real viable way to fight them is to get up very close and spam attacks without being too predictable.

If you find an opponent alone, while you are not being accompanied by allies, It's usually courtesy to engage in a fist fight following a taunt animation, done by pressing (C).

Blocking is also present but It's rather clumsy so most people prefer to just swing non-stop.

When you want to spiffen up your character a bit, press (ESC) and go into the Customization tab.