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Clive Barkers Jericho Walkthrough Al-Khali, Current Time - The Tomb

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The team spots some markings on the wall.

When you go down the corridor the floor will collapse. Press the direction buttons according to the promps on the screen. If you fail to press them in time you will have to try again.

Use your flashlight to traverse dark corridors.

You can order your team to hold position. It's good when you want to create an ambush.

The team encounters some strange looking creatures. Cpt. Ross isn't sure if he should attack but the creatures leave him no choice but to retaliate.

You will find an entrance blocked by some planks. Abigail Black will use her telekinetic powers to push them away.

Keep going down the road.

Go up the stairs from where some enemies will come.

A headshot is the fastest way to kill the enemies you encounter in this level.

Sometime you will be granted a checkpoint. If you die you will start from that point. Your ammo will be replenished as well.

A small child engulfed in darkness will appear. Follow it down the road.

Approach the building with a door that looks like a vault.

The door is locked with a magical blood seal. Billie Church will unlock it with her own blood magic.

The Jericho Squad will split up at this point.