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Clive Barkers Jericho Walkthrough World War II, 1942 - The Path of Souls

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Take control of Cole. She can throw grenades and her special power is to slow down time.

You can set Cole's explosives to detonate on impact, after a few seconds or when they come close to an enemy. Pressing the middle mouse button will zoom in with her special goggles.

Follow the road and fight off any enemies in your way.

After you reach a checkpoint prepare to switch to Cole again if you haven't.

You will encounter 3 bunkers. Switch to Cole because she is the only one that can destroy them.

Press E while you control Cole to slow down time. The screen will change when you do.

Go behind the bunkers while time is slowed down.

Press space to destroy a bunker when you are near its hatch. Cole will use her explosives in a short cutscene.

Go behind the remaining two bunkers to destroy them.

You will be attacked by a possessed body. Press the buttons that appear on screen to fight him off.

When a squad member takes too much damage he or she will fall on the ground and a skull will appear above. Get close to him and press space to revive him.

The nazi psychic Lichthammer will attack you. Fight her and eventually she will be chased away by some soldiers.

Take control of Father Rawlings. You can select what ammo his custom Desert Eagles can use. You can choose between single fast shots, explosive rounds or fragment that spread like a shotgun fire.

His special power is a healing orb. Hold E until Rawlings forms an orb. Then release the button when you have an injured teammate in sight. Only Father Rawlings can heal from a distance like this.