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Clive Barkers Jericho Walkthrough World War II, 1942 - Ambush

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The british commandos will explain how the Pyxis works in a cutscene.

The commandos will join the Jericho team for a while. When you reach a barricade you will have to take control of Black.

Black has her second ability unlocked now. She can use her telekinesis to control a bullet from her sniper rifle. The light on the rifle indicates that the Ghost Bullet is ready for use.

When you fire the Ghost Bullet you need to guide it with your mouse towards the small target in red outline to blow up some explosives. You need to hold E at all times while you steer the bullet.

Go left near the barricade to proceed.

Black's sniper rifle has an underbarrel grenade launcher. Fire it with left mouse button. The optics can be zoomed two times for long range sniping.