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Clive Barkers Jericho Walkthrough World War II, 1942 - Brandenburg Gate

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If an enemy is hiding behind an obstacle, try to use explosives from far or just rush him down. Black's Ghost Bullet works well too.

You will find another bunker guarded by flame throwers. Just like before use Jones' powers to project himself onto a grenadier on top. Then ignite the fuel tanks that are on the other side.

An explosion will open the way ahead.

When you reach the Brandenburg Gate switch to Church.

Go to the right side of the gate and you will find a ladder going up. When you get close to the ladder a cutscene will play and Church will climb up.

On top of the gate Rawlings and Cole are holding Lichthammer. Church will kill her to open the next part of the Pyxis.

Once Lichthammer is dead a rift to the next level will open.