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Clive Barkers Jericho Walkthrough Pyxis Prima

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The team find themselves in a cave.

The Firstborn emerges from the shining tunnel.

Arnold Leach has been pinned to a wall by The Firstborn.

The Firstborn wants to absorb the team's powers to break free from his prison. In a bright flash it tears Cole and Jones to pieces. It's up to the rest of the team to fight it.

The Firstborn cannot be harmed by any normal weapons. You will have to wait for it to posses one of your teammates.

When a teammate is possessed The Firstborn will use their powers against you. Take control of the possessed teammate and attack The Firstborn with your special powers.

Take control of Rawlings when the Firstborn stuns him.

Use Rawlings' healing orb to damage the Firstborn.

When the firstborn starts using Delgado's power, use Delgado's own fire demon to fight the fake one. Once Delgado's demon defeats the fake one, continue attacking the Firstborn with it.

Finally Church will get stunned by the Firstborn. Take control of her.

Use her blood orb to bind the Firstborn.

In a cutscene Church will knock the Firstborn around.

Leach will break free and attack the Firstborn, carrying it away.

The remaining part of the Jericho Team will escape through the tunnel.

Church, Delgado, Rawlings, Black and supposedly Ross, swim to the surface.

The End