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The best thing about Counter Strike Source is you can customize the game at your own choice! One of the site that offer CSS customization is . Or use search engine for more. ;D

For example, if you like this weapon, download the files. Make sure that the content is for this game. Do not confuse with CS 1.6, CS Condition Zero or any other game

When downloaded, open the file. If there is readme.txt in the compressed file, read that first or refer to the page you download the file because sometimes there are special intructions that you have to do in order to install the customization correctly.

Extract the folders like in the picture above to the "your_css_foldercstrike" folder. Remember, always backup your cstrike folder before applying the first customization. If anything bad happens, just restore back. ;)

E.g. Desert Eagle before customization a.k.a default model.

After customization! :D *this is not same customization as the page screenshot before. Only for example.