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Counter-Strike: Source Walkthrough Game Mode: Hostage Rescue

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Hostage rescue, is one of the classic game mode that still available in this game. The map name start with cs_*mapname* shows that the game is hostage rescue.

When you play as a counter-terrorist, your task is simple. Rescue hostages and bring them back to the evacuation site,[H], located in your minimap.

This is the place that you need to bring the hostages to win the round.

This is one of the hostages that you have to rescue. At the right side of the round time (see picture above) shows the number of hostages in the map. You have to rescue all to win.

Bring all the hostages here to win the round.

Another way to win the round is to kill all the terrorist in the map.

If you pick terrorist team, the task is simple. All you have to do is defend the hostages or kill all counter-terrorists.