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Dark Souls Walkthrough The Four Kings

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Head downstairs, buy the Crest of Artorias from the blacksmith for 20k souls then turn around and run down the stairs.

Feel free to ignore this mob as he is very much not worth the trouble.

Once outside, take a left and run all the way along the path.

You'll come across this place. Hit the rubble of stones to the left to reveal a secret bonfire or head straight through the door.

Go down the stairs and just start running straight away from where you came. There will be a couple of odd humanoids about, usually not worth the trouble.

Run through these doorways..

And run straight through the other segment of forest.

Once close to a shimmering light, jump off the cliff.

Enter through the door and run up to the graveyard.

A boss will appear, wielding a giant greatsword while being super agile. Intimidating at first, Sif Is not too much difficult as you can stand beneath him and literally not get touched at all.

Pushing him up against the wall is usually the way to go due to him jumping around so much.

He will slow down at about 30% hp, making it one of the easier bosses in Dark Souls.

Once dead, he'll give you a vital ring. Use a Homeward bone and get back to the bonfire.

Warp back, yet again to Firelink Shrine and head down the elevator.

Now Instead of going into the other tower, head down to the left.

Destroy this Jar and loot the Undead inside.

He'll give you two items that will let you harm Ghosts, which they are plenty of just ahead.

Use the item and move on up ahead and start killing any Ghosts you see. Watch out for their grabs and ability to float not only through walls but through ceilings and floors as well.

Head up the stairs and prepare to face an ambush.

Ghosts will be around every corner in this area. Either kill them all or run ahead.

Go down the spiral stairway and take a right.

Go through the fog gate.

Run up to the section of pillars and go left.

Go down and then right.

Take another left and go straight forward, up to the chimney-like space and climb the ladder.

Talk with the NPC and he'll give you a key. Buy more curse items If you need to and head back down.

Go "outside" and around the building, then just follow the path.

Go inside this tower construct..

Open the gate..

And operate the lever.

This will cause all the water in the level to flood outwards into the Valley of Drakes.

Go back to the lever to activate an elevator to bring you down.

Then take a left and head up the ruins.

Go through the wooden shack and take heed of the enemies here as they can drain your humanity. Head through the fog gate.

Go down the water-ridden alley.

Then run back upstairs into the next building.

Go through the next fog gate..

Equip the Covenant of Artorias If you haven't already and run down the stairs.

When at the end, simply jump off to start the next bossfight.

You'll end up in an intensively dark place with only floating, huge gray monsters trying to kill you.

These are self-duplicating bosses, much like the one we encountered in Tomb of the Giants but all duplicates have their own health, contributing to the total boss meter.

They boast fearsome AoE spells and huge amounts of magic damage that can't be fully blocked no matter what.

Equipping magic-resistant armor and a heavy shield as you nuke them down from their left side is the most reliable way of dealing with this encounter.

Take too much time and the other copies will start intervening in your previous 1v1 battle. This boss can be much of a "Trial & Error" kind of deal.

With some effort however, You should be able to kill them all and finally win the encounter.

A bonfire will appear aftey they died. Go and rest at it then warp, yet again, back to Firelink Shrine.