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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls DLC Walkthrough Welcome to Portforward's Diablo III Reaper of Souls walkthrough and introduction.

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Act V of Diablo III Reaper of Souls is the only Act but it's long one, so let's get started by moving forward and helping Lorath Nahr. Slay everything attacking him and continue along the path.

Enter The Wolf Gate when you reach it.

Follow the path until you come to large gate in front of you. It'll close, so take the gate to the right.

Follow the path. Break down these Sewer Grates in your way when you reach them.

Follow the path until you reach the Old Westmarch Storehouse and open the Door to enter it.

Talk to Victor here when he becomes available then go through the Door in the back.

Follow the path until you are in front of the Zakarum Cathedral. Kill the Elite pack and the rest of the enemies besieging it.

Talk to Tyrael.

Enter the Zakarum Cathedral.

Kill Kasadya and all her minions.

Talk to Tyrael after the battle.

Walk back out to The Survivor's Enclave. You can't use teleport just yet.

Talk to General Torion.

The town is now available for your use. Explore it and become familiar with it, then head to the Northwest side and enter the Westmarch Commons.

Explore this area until you find Gideon's Row and enter it.

Follow the path until you reach the Crucible. First, destroy the Corpse Piles around the Crucible.

Then kill Drygha and then the Crucible itself.

Head to the West and open the Writhing Corpse Pile.

Talk to Myriam when she becomes available.

Head North to the Briarthorn Cemetary and enter it.

This cemetary is large. Explore it until you find Nobles' Rest Courtyard.

Follow the path until you reach the Master Crucible. This is similar to the first Crucible but there are most Corpse Piles to destroy and more enemies spawn. Destroy all six Corpse Piles.

Kill Catharis after killing all the Corpse Piles then the Master Crucible.

Head back to where you came from and talk to Myriam.

Teleport to town and talk to Tyrael.

From the town, head North and then West to find the Westmarch Heights and enter it.

The main objective here is to find the Tower of Korelan, but I recommend doing the bonus objective of killing all the Maidens of Flame for bonus EXP as well.

Find the Tower of Korelan and prepare your skills because this is your first boss fight here.

Urzael, Harbringer of Death, will spawn when you walk into his room. He has a few abilities to watch out for, but the general rule of this fight is to attack while moving.

He'll do an indicator on the ground, usually on or near you, and wind up his cannon then blast off and land on the indicator. His wind up takes a while so just move out of the indicator and do some free damage to him.

He'll do smaller indicators but more of them when he's about to drop burning ashes from the ceiling onto where the indicators are. He can attack while casting this ability so still be weary of him.

He'll shoot these fireballs at you that leave a trail of fire where they travel.

At around 70%, he'll stun you and enter Phase 2.

In Phase 2, he still has his old abilities, plus a new one. These log-like indicators will appear around the room and then burning debris wil drop onto the indicators. If you take too long in killing Urzael, the room will be covered in these and you won't have a safe spot to stand in.

After you defeat him, talk to Malthael's shadow that appears.

Teleport to town and talk to Tyrael.

Myriam wants to see you so go talk to her.

Go East in the town and enter the Overgrown Ruins.

Follow the path until you reach this clearing. The entrance to where Adria is has been destroyed here, and enemies will spawn. Him them all.

Walk through the Door in the North and enter the Blood Marsh.

Find and activate all three Nephalem Guidestones here. The Nephalem Guidestones will reveal which path is NOT correct when activated.

Once you've activated all three Nephalem Guidestones, go to the right entrance that should be indicated on your minimap by an arrow. If it's not there, search around the Blood Marsh until it pops up. In my game, the Wind Passage was the correct one, but its random which one is correct in every game. Enter the Passage to Corvus.

Follow the path here until you reach the Ruins to Corvus and enter it.

Follow the path until you reach The Great Hall. You'll be fighting Adria now. Prepare yourself then enter.

After the cutscene, Adria will transform and begin attacking you. She has a few abilities to watch for. One is this purple fireball she'll shoot and you. It will explode upon contact with someone and leave a pit of fire.

Another ability is this whirlwind she'll do and damage anything around her. Try to keep your distance from her the entire fight if you're not a melee class.

When you damage Adria enough, she'll teleport to the blood well and summon these blood oozes that walk around. They don't hone in on you but they do damage you if you walk over them. Adria will then teleport back to you after finishing the spell cast.

After you've defeated Adria, talk to Lorath Nahr.

Teleport to town and talk to Tyrael.

Enter The Pandemonium Gate he opens.

Follow the path and kill Maiden Lamiel and her minions.

Imperius will come down after all the action. Talk to him.

Imperius will open the gate after talking to him. Enter the Path of War.

There will be three doors that you cannot open yourself. Kill enemies outside of it until Imperius busts the doors open for you. Collect the Siege Rune from the boss that guards the final door.

Follow the path and talk to Imperius.

Follow the path and enter the Battlefields of Eternity.

There will be two Timeless Prisons to find here. One Timeless Prison requires you to kill the prison itself and the other requires you to just activate it. I found the one to be destroyed first. Kill the bosses in the Timeless Prisons and collect the Siege Runes that drop from both of them.

The Siege Runes look like this.

After you've collected both Siege Runes, find and enter The Siege Outpost.

Kill Thilor who's guarding the ram.

Talk to Tyrael then enter the portal to the ram in the Northeast.

The ram will be sieging the door to Pandemonium. Enemies will spawn on top of the ram and Siege Hooks will stop the ram in its tracks. Kill all the enemies including the Siege Hooks until the ram busts through. If you die during this, you have to restart the event and try again.

When the ram finishes its work, enter the Pandemonium Fortress Level 1.

Follow the path to meet and talk with Tyrael.

Follow the path until you meet the ghost of a character special to your class. Being a male Demon Hunter, I meet his little sister who died a while ago. Each class and gender have their own special ghost to meet here. Talk to them then head right.

Enter the first Death Gate you find and you'll be teleported to the next gate. There will be quite a few of these scattered around but you have to take every Death Gate you find to progress forward.

Explore this area until you find the Pandemonium Fortress Level 2 and enter it.

Follow the path and kill Seraziel.

Go right and take the next Death Gate.

You'll come across Malthiel's Elite guards like the one in this picture here. They are optional to kill and you can skip them if you want to.

Find and enter the Pandemonium Fortress Level 3.

Follow the path to the end and prepare your abilities and gear to face Malthiel himself. Enter it when ready.

Malthiel has two phases. In this first phase, he has a couple of abilities he does that all need to be avoided as best as possible. The first is this cloud of frozen gas that he will spawn and it'll slowly move across the room. If you spend a while killing Malthiel, he'll spawn a lot of these and eventually you won't have much room in the arena to walk safely in.

Sometimes he'll do a whirlwind for a couple of seconds like this. It reflects all projectiles back at you for increased damage so try to just run away from him during this and DO NOT attack him until he finishes whirlwinding. I've killed myself with my own attacks before during this whirlwind.

He'll also dash in a line in your direction and damage whatever he passes through. He'll have a momentary wind up before he does this. You might get hit with it the first time but you should see the tell afterwards and try to avoid it.

In the first phase, he'll sometimes teleport to the middle of the room and begin casting this spell that sends ghostly projectiles radiating outwards from him in random directions. Just dance around and avoid them until he finishes the cast. Your movement speed is hindered by this spell as well but it's not bad enough to where you can't dodge the ghosts.

Phase 2 will begin around 50% HP. He gains one extra ability. He'll do a cone of dark magic in front of him and to the sides. He'll teleport to the middle of the room and face a direction. Stand behind him like I'm doing here. You can see the indicator on the ground in front of him where he will do the cone of fire.

After you defeat him, talk to Tyrael to finish the game.

Congratulations! Reaper of Souls campaign is now complete. Explore Adventure mode and the many different aspects of the world of Diablo III.