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Double Dragon Neon Walkthrough Mission 4 - Airlock

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In this mission, you'll be in this place for three times. Don't let yourselft sucked out! Just attack to stun enemies and let them die in space.

Be careful when stepping on the shaking floor. It'll drop and it will automatically rebuilt after few seconds.

Before you go to the second airlock room. Take this key if you wants to get the treasure box.

Bring the key and dont let it drop. Once it sucked out, with or without you, you cant recover it back. Stay until this area cleared and the treasure box will be yours.

Tape Worm - A bonus beast. Just his body (punch faster) to get the bonuses each attack. No harm to you as long you out of his way.

Mecha Biker - Boss fight #2. His bike HP about 525. His HP is about 1500.

To break his bike, use fireball when trying to hit you.

Once hitted, it will stop and there's you chance to beat his bike. Do it few times.

When fighting with the real body. Just avoid his attack like usual and hit him hard.