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Double Dragon Neon Walkthrough Mission 1 - Main Street

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It's time to save your girl!

If you're first time playing this game, pause the game, select "Help & Options" ...

Select "How To Play" ...

Now, read all of it . It'll be fun when you do multiple moves and understand the game mechanics. Gleam is also an important moves. So practice it. Other than that, focus on sosetsitsu/stance songs.

Then, just play the game like usual. Break anything that breakable for items/money/song. Money can be used to upgrade skills.

Keep going to the right and kill all the enemies. Practice your moves.

Williams - The most basic enemies you'll encounter. HP is about 200.

Linda - Sometimes comes with a weapon. Avoid being hit by gleam. HP is about 300.

Later, you'll find a keys that can be use to unlock the treasure box.

Abob - To beat this guy just move below than him and keep punching. HP is about 625.

Before the mission ends, there's a dragon ball in the middle. Hit it and it will bounce. Hit again to keep the ball bouncing and to drop more money.