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Driver: Parallel Lines Walkthrough Chapter 13:Gift wrapped

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Now you need to get to the car from the parking lot.

You need go throught the ramp to enter the ramp.

Now you need to go to left after climbing the ramp.

Now you need to make the final jump by going speedly in car.

After getting into the parklot get into the car.

Take the car to phoenix autos to get the bomb fitted.

Then drive into the garage to fit the bomb.

Now the bomb is fitted get the car to psrking lot the same way.

Climb throught the boxes and ramp to get to the parking.

Finally you need to make the final jump to get to the other side.

Park the car in the marked spot.

Then you get out of the spot.

Finally the job is accomplished and bomb is planted.

You land in safe house.Shift you location for another job.