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Driver: Parallel Lines Walkthrough Chapter 10: Jail Break

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Get into the prison transport van.

Drive it to the location shown on the map.

Wait for the prison gates to open.

Drive into the marked zone.

Now you need to get across the bridge to escape a prisoner.

Now ditch the transport vehicle.

Get into the trucker and make your way to location.

Kill the cops on the way if possible.

Finally you need to smash through the wall to get inside the prison.

Now get through the door and find the prisoner.

Kill the cops on the way to the destination.

You can take cover to kill enemies.Shoot them with all the ammo you got.

Finally you need to get off the island with prisoner.

You drive your way to the destination killing cops trying to stop you.

Finally drop the vehicle at the marked spot.

Then you land in safe house.

Now you shift your base to get another job.