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Driver: Parallel Lines Walkthrough Chapter 8: Airmail

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Take the bike and follow the chopper.

Collect the package dropped from the chopper.

Then collect the chopper on the other side of the way.

Later you can find on the road.

Now proceed this way to collect the package.

Jump off the ramp to get to the package at the top of boxes.

Jump to the other side.

Next get to this godown.

Use the destroyed ramp to get to the top.

Get to the other side by riding on the ramp.

Later jump from the romp to the other side before the time runs out.

Get to marked spot to collect the package.

Later on get the packages to blink just by escaping the cops.

You can also take car to avoid more damage to yourself.

Finally the packages are delivered. Job is done.

Now shift your location to another position to get another job.