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Driver: Parallel Lines Walkthrough Chapter 4: Pay Ray

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You need to pay ray 1500$. You need to earn money by racing and performing other activitites.

In the race if you finish 3rd you are rewarded 150$.

Then you shift your location to another location to earn money.

Here you need to collect the cash from the person in the shown in the map.

You need to follow him and shoot his wheels to destroy it.

Later in the end collect the money.

You need to return the money to the agency.

You are awarded 500$ to finish the job.

Later you get to the location shown on the map.

Drive into the hotspot to select the difficulty level.

You are awarded 500$ if you finish first.

Later on you get to next job to earn money.

Collect the cash before the time runs out.

Shoot at the wheels of the enemy.

Later get the cash back to the agency.

After having collected all the money park the car in the marked spot.

Finally you give the money to rays man.

Now you can shift your position to another location for another mission.