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Driver: Parallel Lines Walkthrough Chapter 2: Wheelman

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Now you need to collect slink's ride initially shown on the map.

At the destination you can find the ride almost destroyed.

Take the ride and get to the garage to get it repaired.

On reaching the garage park it in the marked spot.

Later on you can repair the car using the tools available to you.

On exiting the garage Ray speaks to you about speed stunts.

Now you need to get to the destination and keep the speed of vehicle over 60.

You need to run over the marked spot above 60.

The snapshot is taken by rays men.

Later at the next stop you need to be over 70kmph speed.

The final performance should be of 100kmph.

Finally the mission is accomplished.

Later you get back to the garage.

In garage you can relocate your position to another garage.

Juns you need to relocate the position to the another garage.

Or else you can press TAB and then just shift the icon to the required position.