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Driver: Parallel Lines Walkthrough Chapter 12: Circuit Breaker

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You get into the race with a car.

The intention of the event is to stop the all cars excluding the marked car.

You can crash the car by hitting them by going in the reverse direction.

You have to destroy them so that they cannot race.

Go in the opposite direction to hit the racer.

Finally when all the racers are stopped except the marked one, let the marked one complete the race.

Finally the right car won the race.

Enter the marked spot to enter the race.

You have entered the race and you need to make sure the marked car wins the game.

Hit the car by going into opposite direction and hitting.

Just you need to hit so hard that the car crash into each other.

So finally when the marked car is remained let it complete the race.

Finally the race is won by the right car.

Job is done and you helped both cars win.

You land in safe house.

You shift your base to complete the next job.