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Driver: Parallel Lines Walkthrough Chapter 29: Bear cage

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You need to get the cop car parked inside the place.

Now you need to take the car to cophq.

Get it into the marked area.

The door opens drive it in corrigans bay.

Park the car in the marked area.

Now you need to use the elevator to get to corrigans desk.

After reaching the top storey find corrigans office.

You need to destroy the glass to get to the other side.

Press Q to plant the bomb.

After planting the bomb you are given some time to get out of there.

Finally you need to escape from the parking lot.

Get insde the car present there drive through the gate.

If the gate is closed shoot the switch panel to open it.

Just get as fast as possible through the gate to avoid shuting off the gate.

Finally you get outside and lose the tail.

Once you lose the cop tail job is done.

Now you shift your base to another location for another mission.