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Electronic Super Joy Walkthrough World 1

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Welcome to Electronic Super Joy! Move around with whatever control scheme you have setup, and jump you way to the right.

Touching this flag will emit a delicious sound, and act as a checkpoint should you ever have a mishap in your endeavor.

You'll start to meet some curious folk waiting for you. Jump on the shining stars to bounce upwards.

You'll be presented with the ability to smash the ground as an attack! Press the smash button to crash to the ground from out of the air almost instantly, killing whatever happens to be beneath you.

Now that you have the basics down, jump into the portal to end the current level and move onto the next.

This level is just some basic platforming, nothing you can't beat with your current knowledge.

Things get a bit more interesting now though. Jump into the small portals for a small teleport between two visible ones. Watch out for the mounted frogs that shoot ninja discs at you, too.

These little arrows are a One-use variant to the bouncy stars. Slam onto it to get a higher bounce!

You're getting pretty good! Time to introduce Sticky wall jumps. On these specific sticky walls, you can jump up them to climb over them. Try it out here before moving on.

Now you're in a level with visibility difficulties. Be sure to check before you jump.

When going up to this portal, be sure to have quick reactions coming out! You'll need to dodge onto a solid platform before you fall down. After that you get to put your Wall jump skills to the test.

You'll come to this path split, take the middle top route. All the others loop back here after a challenge room.

Get ready for some more time with the arrows, remember that you can only use them once, and that slamming them gets you higher!

This scary door/wall will kill you on contact, so be sure to collect the key to move it out of the way and continue.

Be careful going along these arrow trails, make sure where you're going to land, or you'll fall right through.

These white covered floors aren't sticky, and are instead slippery like ice! Movement in the same direction will build up your speed.

Time your drop nicely to dodge this rotating laser beam, and move on.

The next level is a tutorial level that introduces the heat seeking, turning handicapped missiles. They'll hunt you down and kill you on contact, but you can destroy them by slamming on them from above.

Time to fight missiles in a proper level… with a tilted view angle!

Beat that and you'll move onto a high gravity level that teaches you the importance of your tight in-air maneuverability. Jump upwards and curve around onto the platform above to progress.

These next set of platforms don't stick around long after you first touch them, and with rockets trailing you, I hope you can climb this tower fast enough!

Now you'll need to wait for the camera to slowly move along the level to the finish, while surviving constant rockets. Don't forget you can slam them!

These platforms are similar to the disappearing ones, except they turn into a missile instead. Try to minimize the ones you step on.

Bounce upwards on the stars to confront the Pope, who wants to kill you for whatever reason!

The screen will move up pretty fast, so you need to haul ass to keep up! Bounce upwards just like before to survive the screen.

Jump into the spaceship provided by the weird people, and shoot the pope's UFO out of the sky!

He'll bolt, but now we get to confront him in an epic Rocket battle! Collect the pickup to have the woman shoot a Pope-seeking Rainbow missile at the pope.

But be careful of the Pope's rockets, and his lasers too!

Use cover to protect yourself once he starts shooting out the 4 rotating lasers until you shoot enough missile to knock him out of the sky for good.

You'll find the Pope sitting defenseless, so finish him off with a stop to lower the laser blocking you from moving on.