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Electronic Super Joy Walkthrough World 3

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Just in case you forgot, you can (and have to) stomp through these Spike balls to continue.

Nothing too challenging in this level, just some timed Spike ball jumps near the end.

Speaking of, that's exactly what the next level has too. Time your jumps up the sticky walls nicely.

At the end, you'll find some tricky platform jumps. Dodge the spinning spikes while minding the small amount of ground you have to move on.

Be careful on the next level too, the screen will rotate an awkward 90 degrees around.

You'll then be forced into the Tunnel of fun. Wait for the bottom laser to allow you to drop down one platform, but keep an eye on the top one too.

When you reach this part, be careful how many platforms you step on. The more you do, the more the lasers can bleed through to get you.

Then you have to climb up with lighter gravity, and then bounce down and around back up into the portal.

This level is a mess of projectiles, try and keep track of everything that's going on. Watch out for the really fast spike balls, they speed along the ground.

Next is a scrolling level with a laser beam to prevent you from going ahead. Be careful when jump from ice, or you might fly right into it.

This level is really fun! It's a massive Ice slide jumping level. Try to get as much speed as you need to make it to the next platform, but be sure not to lose too much or fall off.

After the best level comes the best ability, flying! Press (or hold) jump to ascend into the sky. Dodge your way through the laser maze into the next level.

Back into another Ice slide without flying. We'll see it later as a pickup. Be sure to collect any keys you see or else you'll go slamming (and jamming) into the barrier.

Here's the wings as a power up! The faster you are when you collect it, the more likely you'll make it to the end. The wings only have limited flaps, and you keep your momentum, so go as fast as you can before grabbing them.

You'll also need to collect keys while flying, be careful of the small hitboxes. After that you'll find a bit more ice to skate on to the end portal.

In this level, you'll need to fly while dodging some rockets. Don't waste too many flaps dodging the rockets, or you won't make it to the next set of wings.

The level after is very curious though. You can just walk right through to an easy end, or you can take the small portals to challenges for collectable stars. What you do is your choice.

Finally, time to take on the GROOVE WIZARD! Dodge the rockets while trying to climb around up top and then slam down on the Heart.

That was merely the first stage of him though, and now you'll find yourself dodging a ton of projectiles while flying. It's not quite a bullet hell, but be mindful of what's going on the screen.

Time for your final stand! After the first cone of Star disks, the Wizard will spew a constant line of them at you, along with some rockets to dodge.

Survive that for a set amount of time, and it'll turn into a literal spamfest of heat seeking rockets. This is literally my favourite part of the whole game. Try and circle around the rockets to split them out of their formation, and stick close to the middle of the screen, and rockets will commonly appear nearly out of nowhere from the edges.

Finally beat the Groove Wizard once and for all, and you'll be given the deep moral choice to leave the Wizard live and move on with your life… or stomp him with your butt.

Either way, make your choice and head into the final portal. Read the final bit of story, enjoy the credits, and just like that, you've beaten Electronic Super Joy!

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