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Electronic Super Joy Walkthrough World 2

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Time for World 2, with new background colours and a difficulty increase. Make your way up to beat the rising camera.

After a few rockets, you'll be faced with two tricky jumps. Be sure to jump RIGHT at the edge, anything less and you'll miss the next platform.

You'll then be stripped of your precious smash ability, and instead given a Double jump! Practice the new skill in here and move on.

Your new skill will be put to the test here. Use your double jump to curve around on top of the block above you. Also, landing on an Arrow will reset your double jump, and you can use it again!

Wall jumping then gets involved. Be sure to plan your movements, and don't jump out all silly and fall.

At the top you'll be met with a ton of lasers, Time your movements and you'll be fine. Moving lasers get blocked off by obscuring platforms, so use them as cover.

This small level can be a bit difficult. Slide down, and then double jump around to the other side to make your way across.

Without your Stomp ability, you're defenseless against the critter things, so dodge carefully around them.

You'll then hit an annoying combo of disappearing platforms, rotating spike balls and missiles. Use your second jump to make your way through safely.

In the next level you'll be stripped of all your powers so you can "build character". Dodge skillfully through, as you only have your single jump and no stomp.

More lasers. Time your movements to make your way through while the lasers are blocked off.

This whole level is lasers all the way through.

You'll get your stomp back after that though, just in time to get a lot of use out of it.

Time to learn something neat about Slam. You can pass right through the Spike balls! You can't kill them, but you go right through them with no harm.

Be sure not to miss this key, you'll get blocked off right near the end of the level!

The next few levels aren't anything special, just more of the same stuff you've seen before.

The level after however is unique. Gravity is wonky here, and you take ages to fall. You'll be forced into a race against the screen, so don't waste time slowly falling, use your stomp to hit the ground and run!

You can also use slam to cap your jump short to avoid hitting this laser above.

Time for another event. These two fine ladies are trying to open a portal to summon a great hero! Give them a hand by collecting the Rune pickups that spawn scattered around this arena.

Be careful while doing so, the more runes you collect, the more dangers will start flooding the arena. Soon you'll be dodging an ever-flowing amount of enemies while avoiding laser spinners and jumping over spikeballs.

Before you know it, the screen will be filled with harmful junk! Dodge it as best as you can and collect all the runes.

I don't think those amateurs knew what they were doing, as a Giant monster ended up spawning instead! Keep running to the right as much as you can to survive.

Make it to the end, and the monster will become distracted with… other things. That takes care of that, head on through the portal now.