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FIFA 14 Walkthrough Playing in the Field

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The basic criteria of your usefulness on the field is marked by the grade by the name of your player. It's affected by multiple factors, but one of the main ones is keeping and controlling the position on which you play. The area where you should be is de

Fighting for the best possible position during free shots or corners is usually associated with pushing your way through the enemy players while looking for a suitable position for taking a shot at the goal, and so it looks in FIFA 14. Before the ball is shot, you have to constantly keep in motion and be sure that the enemy doesn't block you completely - try overtaking him and block him with your own body, depriving him of the possibility of completely covering your player.

Your main focus on the field depends mostly on what position you're assigned to. If you're an attacker for example, you will get the most point for shooting at the goal and scoring points - that is' after all, the main responsibility of the most forward players. Middlefield player are rewarded for good passes, and considering they're most often on this position, you should keep an eye on their accuracy. The basis of grading a defence player are successful takeovers and interceptions - however keep in mind that each unnecessary foul will lower the overall grade by a few decimals.