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FIFA 14 Walkthrough Types of Cards

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In FIFA Ultimate Team there are several types of cards:

"The most popular type of cards is, of course, the cards featuring the players. You can obtain them in packs and in auctions. It is easy to figure out that they have different colors. The basic ones can be brown, silver, and gold but, EA often surprises players with special cards. Then, you can also find orange, blue or purple cards in the packs. Each week, several players make it into, the so called, team of the week, and black cards, called by many the IF (In Form) cards, make it into the deck. All of the colors, different from the basic cards, guarantee that the card is much more expensive in the transfer market. Some of the cards may have gloss, which additionally increases their value even in the case of a quick sale. They are called the rare cards.

"This type of cards may provide your team with an emblem, stripes and the stadium of your favorite football team. You also have the option to choose the ball type but, all of the changes are optional and they do not provide additional profits.