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FIFA 14 Walkthrough Store - Auctions and Ways to Raise Money

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"In the brown card packs, there always are 12 cards of various kinds. This, at least, needs to be 10 brown cards including 1 unique, in the case of the cheaper packs and 3 rare in the case of the more expensive ones. This means that you can draw 2 cards o

"It is, obviously, the gold cards that are the most expensive. While buying them, you can be sure of finding 12 cards of different kinds. The Ultimate Team users have gotten used to the fact that sometimes, during the Happy Hour, EA Sports adds even bigger and more expensive packs where you can find even more rare cards. There also used to be packs with players themselves. Still, the standard is that it is 12 cards a packet, including 1 rare in the cheaper packs and 3 rare cards in the more expensive packs. So, you can also get 2 cards of a different color.

"It turns out that the key to form a dream team is money. You can earn it in several ways. For each game that you play, you receive, more or less, 400 coins, even in the case of a loss. Additionally, after the season ends, you receive a larger sum of money, even if you fail to maintain your position in your current league. Another way to raise money are tournaments. For winning in a tournament, you often receive not only money, but also card packs. You can also challenge the team of the week and, depending on the difficulty level that you have chosen, you can receive a bonus of 1000 coins.