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FIFA 14 Walkthrough Transfers and the Global Transfer Network

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"FIFA 14 introduces a big change in the style of conducting transfers - the "Global Transfer Network" is a tool which greatly remodelled the way you buy and sell players.

Talent hunters can be sent to multiple available regions - each one can be specified by choosing a desired country and league in which you want to search for players who could strengthen your team.

The next step is specifying factors on which the scouts should focus during their searches - you have to specify the position for which you're looking for a player, the age and preferred length of the contract. It's also a chance of picking up maximally six attributes which further specify the nature and specific of the player - there are several dozen attributes available, so you have plenty to choose from.

"After a few weeks of efforts, you scouts will present you a full list of players who meet the criteria - as you can see, you still haven't received any detailed information regarding any of them. Statistics and deeper information on the players can be obtained after longer observations and more in-depth analysis of potential.

"You can gain knowledge on skills and statistics only after assigning a scout to a given player - the longer he spends watching him, the more numbers you will learn. At first you won't be able to know the price - you will receive financial information only if you officially enquire the club in which the player you're interested in plays.

After analysing the player's skills, all you have to do is place an offer and wait for the acceptance - your success at this point depends on your financial possibilities and determination.