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FIFA 14 Walkthrough Own Tactics - Quick Tactics - Player Roles

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The tactic panel lets you define a few important factors from the point of view of how actions are lead out - using it you can set the offensive orientation on ending attacks in various ways, preferences as to whether attack in the middle or using the fla

Quick tactics let you assign specific options of dynamic play to given buttons - using it you can arrange your tactics, both defensive and offensive, to different buttons and self-prepared combination.

The player role menu lets you assign set pieces to given players - that way you can choose who should perform corners, free shots and throw-ins. You can also set the team captain here.

Manager career

"You begin the manager career by choosing the proper option in the menu - we will cover the player career in a different part of the guide.

"That way you will reach the hub, i.e. the main manager menu which lets you access all functions and tools which we will cover in further parts of this chapter.