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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough 24 - New Rite Of Passage

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Meet Citra at her temple.

After drinking the poison, you start halucinating. Then, this monster appeared. To defeat this, simply attack his head and avoid the attack. There are 4 phases to defeat this monster. First...

The monster attack you with the smoke. When you see it trying to attack, just run left or right to avoid the attacks. When it keep throwing out the smoke, shoot his head.

After few times, the second phase takes place. This time, few black guys trying to attack you. You can explode them before they come.

But if you accidently explode at your own feet. Just keep attack with melee weapon while running. When you have chance, heal yourself.

Now, the third phase. Heal first before fight.

The monster now attacks with smokey ball. Just run and jump. After three attacks, he will stop. Then, that is your chance to blow his head.

The last phase. Climb over the monster arm.

Keep pressing the button to finish it. [END]