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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough 23 - Warrior Rescue Service

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Firstly, get out from the water.

Slowly walk and takedown one enemy here.

Then, silently kill both of them.

Go to high place and tag enemies.

To be safe, you can do partial loud strategy. Kill snipers with any weapon. Remember, there are two snipers.

When others are panicking and searching, you can kill them silently or straight to the helicopter.

Well, say hello to rocket.

Once you awake, press the buttons to get out from here.

Then, approches to the marked location.

Sneak into the hut and search for any weapon that can be used for killing other enemies. If one of them notices you, just rush to other hut to find your weapons.

Avoid heavy gunner before you found your weapon.

When you found your weapon, the mission ends. [END]