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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough 37 - Betting Against The House

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Now, you've 12 minutes to get to the airport. Don't spend too much time fighting those enemies. Just kill any that block your way. If you can avoid, do it.

Riley inside one of the building. To know where, enter the building to the right where you can find heavy unit inside it.

This is the building.. :)

Inside the building, there's a door. Open it and you'll find Riley.

Riley will stay inside the building. You've to kill all enemies outside here.

Go to the helicopter when all enemies are dead.

Now, the hard part. Keep shooting and don't let the helicopter damage.

Be careful with rpg soldiers. Also, shoot anything that can cause explosion like oil tank, barrel, vehicles. Saves your times to shoot one by one.

Even, buildings and helicopters can explode by just shoot few seconds.

But these helicopters quite strong. Keep shooting until all destroy. [END]