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Gears of War Walkthrough Act 2 - Lethal Dusk

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Head right and kick open the door. There will be 3 locust that attack. Kill them and then head to the right. On left side will be some stairs down. Go down the stairs.

Get on the little metal trolley.

Marcus will have to move the trolley while Dom protects them. Like half way across the river Cut scene will begin of the sun setting. Keep going until you reach the other side. When you reach the other bank exit the trolley and climb the stairs. At the top go straight and to the right.

Follow the path to the two guys. They will tell Marcus to stay in the light. A little cut scene will play of the guards being killed when their light goes out.

Go to the left, then through the door to the right. Cross the room to the door. Kick open the door. Go to the right. Once outside an emergence hole opens and locust pour out. Be careful stay in the light. Or what happened to the guards will happen to you.

You will see cans of propane on the ground. Shoot them to light the place up.

Head straight ahead when you kill the last Locust. Shoot any cans of propane you see. Turn right when you can. Follow this path straight. There will be a troika gun emplacement at the far end.

Head towards the troika running from cover to cover while in the light. When Marcus gets near the troika he will tell Dom they'll use the building. Get next to the car to see the propane tank. Run in to the building. Go through the two doors and shoot the troika and other Locust from the window.

Turn away from window and head away from it. A Wretch will kick the door open and attack. Kill the Wretch and go through the now open door. Climb the stairs to the top and kick open this door.

When you exit the door an emergence hole will open. Run across this area to the hallway beyond. Follow the hallway to the room. Kill any wretches that come after you. Enter the room after this to attack the Locust from the side.

Once they're dead cross the room they were in and shoot the propane tank. It may cause a Locust in the room to come out. Kill him if he does. Enter the room through the door he opened.

Follow the hallway and exit the door. Take cover behind the car and push it. When you can't push the car any father, run around the left side and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs look in through the door and kill the troika gunner and his buddy.

Kill any remaining locust in the area. Marcus will call control when they're all dead. Throw a grenade behind the dumpster. Go down the now lighted alleyway. Enter the door.

Go through the next door. And head to the back and to the left side of room. Enter the hallway. Turn right and go to door. Kick it open.

There will be 2 locust straight ahead of you. Take cover behind whatever is closest. Behind the pillar will be a propane tank. Go to the left when this quick fight is over. An emergence hole will open. Hide behind whatever cover you can find killing locust. There are propane tanks on both sides and one in the middle of area.

After the locust are dead cross the area to the road on the far side. Turn right and there will be a tank in front of the car. When you get to the first rock there will another tank to the left. Run to the last rock and to its right.

To the right of the rock will be a door. Enter the door. There will be a door to the left. Go through that door as well. Keep following this hallway to the left and down another hallway will be a door. Go through the door. Then head right through another door. Head around to the right and then up the stairs.

At the top turn right and go up another flight of stairs. At the top of these stairs turn right and go through the door. Go down the hallway to other end. Go through door to right. Use the spotlight. Cover Dom as he makes his way down the street. When he gets to the end he'll turn some lights on for Marcus. Go back down to the street.

When Marcus exits the building, go to the right. When the road goes left, follow it. When Marcus reaches a car in the road at the end, an emergence hole opens. Kill the Locust swarm.

After the fight, go through the door to the left. Enter the door to the right. Go to a window and shoot the tank. Jump out the window to the lighted street. Turn right and head straight down the road. When the road gets dark there is a tank behind the tin.

When you light up the road go to end and turn left and go through opening in wall. A cut scene will begin.