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Gears of War Walkthrough Act 2 - Burnt Rubber

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In this section of the game Marcus is in control of the Junker. RT is the gas. LT is the brake/reverse. X switches Marcus between driving and the UV turret. While in the turret, RT is the trigger.

Go straight down the road. When the Junker reaches the turn Kryll will attack. Switch to the turret and fry them.

Drive the Junker around the turn and down the road. In the middle of what looks like a lazy S curve more Kryll will attack. Fry the Kryll out of the night sky.

Follow the road. Run through anything in the road thatís in your way. After the jump down and before the next turn more Kryll attack.

Start following the road again. Take the right exit when the old man tells you to. After the jump down go left like the old man says.

Go straight until the road turns right. Go straight ahead. When the Junker reaches to overpass, more Kryll come out to attack. When they've been deep fried continue down the road. Turn right at the end of the road.

Follow this road to the end and then turn right. There will be another right turn shortly. Head right up the ramp on to the overpass. Follow the road straight ahead. After the little jump and at the next turn Kryll will come out for some time in the UV light. Fry the little buggers.

Continue to follow the road around the right turn then just straight ahead. Follow the road around the left turn and then the right turn. Then it will straighten out and go over a jump. As the road starts to turn left the last Kryll will attack. Kill the Kryll.

Follow road until you get cut scene.