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Gears of War Walkthrough Act 3 - Darkest Before Dawn

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There is only one way to go from here. If you look around you will find two spot lights shining on the ground. That the path. So follow the path. When you come around a turn to the right, look for a door with a red circle on it. The path you want is to the left. The path will have a light shining on it.

You will also know it is the right one because the squad will be attacked by 5 wretches. Kill the wretches. Marcus will tell Baird and Cole to stay put and guard the resonator. Continue down the path.

When the slope levels out a bit several wretches will attack. Afterwards continue down the path. A cut scene will start up. After the cut scene Marcus will tell Baird and Cole to find an alternative route. After the cut scene start walking towards the left three Locust attack.

When you have killed them cross the water and take the path behind the pillar. As Marcus starts down the path a Locust will start shooting from across the pit. Shoot him or the weakened column point of interest.

Start back down the path. After the rocks fall off the side of the path Marcus will be attacked by three wretches. When the wretches are out of the way head back down the path.

When you get to some ruined walls, Marcus will be attacked by three wretches.

Start back down the path and when you reach the tall standing rock a Boomer will be coming up the path. Take the Boomer and the couple wretches out.

When the Locust are gone, start back down the path. When you get to where the Boomer was take the left path. The path straight ahead is gone.

As you follow this path the ground will give way. Marcus and Dom will fall down a chute. At the bottom several wretches attack.

The exit out of here is to the left of where Marcus fell in. When the last wretch is killed, it will blow up some rocks. When the exit is opened take it.

Following the path will bring you to a fork in the path. Take the right path option. Follow this path until you run in to some Locust.

After they're dead continue down the path and Marcus will run in to more Locust.

Start back down and two Locust with shotguns will come up the path at you. Take them down.

Keep following the path and Marcus will meet back up with Dom.

Keep following this path until it turns left. When it turns to the left, several Locust will attack. Kill them. After Marcus kills them start back down, but before you get far a second batch of Locust attack.

After the second batch is dead start back down the path. At the bottom the Corpser will pop out of the wall at you. Keep following the path.