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Gears of War Walkthrough Act 4 - Campus Grinder

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Go through break in wall thatís straight ahead. Take cover any place that you can thatís close. Kill the Locust that come at you.

You will have to move from cover to cover to kill them all. When the first batch is done a second batch will appear. Kill this second batch of Locust.

When the Locust are dead Marcus will have a choice of paths, a left path and a right path. Choose the right. There is a wall in front of you going around either side and Locust will attack.

When the Locust are dead, go to the back left corner of the area and there will be the exit.

Follow this hallway to the open area. A seeder will be here. Go grab a Hammer of Dawn and kill the seeder. Swap the Hammer back to your weapon or a new one.

After the seeder is dead a emergence hole opens in the center of area. Close it with frag grenades or kill the Locust that pour out of the hole.

When the fighting is done, Marcus calls Dom to open a door that is locked. The door is almost straight across this area from where you entered the area. Go through the door.

Follow hallway to left turn. Go left and then go right. Go through the door. There will be a door in back left corner. Exit through the door.

Follow the hallway to the left. Then right and out the door. Take cover behind the wall to your left. Kill the Locust that are attacking.

When the Locust are dead, in the back left corner will be a door. Go through the door. When you enter the Lecture Hall go to the left.

Go out the door. Climb the stairs. At the top of stairs will be two Locust. Kill them and then proceed down the other flight of stairs. Enter the building through the door.

Go straight ahead through another door. The go down the stairs to the left of door. Continue down second set of stairs next to the first.

Go through door thatís straight ahead. Then take the hallway to the right. Marcus will enter an open area. As he enters there will be a door to the left. Go through that door.

The squad will reform here. Behind the truck will be some propane tanks. Shoot the tanks to open the fence. Go through the hole in fence. A cut scene will start.