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Gears of War Walkthrough Act 4 - Bad to Worse

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Go straight ahead until there is a path to the left. Follow the path to the left in to an open area. Once you enter the area, go to the left to a door. Kick the door open.

Marcus will tell Jack to rip the door open. An emergence hole will open. Kill the Locust that exit the hole. When that hole is closed a second emergence hole will open. Kill the Locust that come from that hole.

After all the Locust are dead time to go through the door Jack opened. There is an open door across the room. Go through the door and then through the door to the left.

Climb the stairs. Go down hallway to the right. At the end of hallway is a door. Enter the room through door. If you don't have a Hammer of Dawn, when you enter this room go behind the wall in front of you. On the left balcony is a hammer.

Go left through next door.

Go down the stairs to the right. At bottom of stairs, enter the next room through door to the right. In the back left corner is a door. When Marcus gets near the door a Berserker enters.

Sweet. Dodge the Berserker. Get around her and out the door. She'll bust through the wall. Get around her and go through door on left. Berserker will burst through wall again.

Stand behind pillar thatís in front of you. Berserker should rush the pillar breaking it. Bringing the ceiling down. When the Berserker takes out a pillar open sky is revealed.

When the Berserker hits a pillar or anything while charging itís stunned for a second or two. Hit it with the Hammer of Dawn while the Berserker is stunned.

When the Berserker is dead run to the end of the room across from where the Berserker came in to the room. There is a wheel there. Turn the wheel.

This will put the fire out and open the exit. Go through hole in wall. To the left is a door. Kick it open.

Go through the door. Follow path to the right. Marcus will enter a courtyard.