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Gears of War Walkthrough Act 4 - Imaginary Place

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Go forward until you reach the opening to the left. Head to the left. Keep going this way up the stairs. When Marcus reaches the bottom of the steps Locust will attack.

When you have dealt with them continue to climb the stairs. At the top of the stairs there will be an open gate on the left side of stairs.

Go through the gate. A cut scene will begin. After the cut scene, go up to the door. Kick the door open.

Enter the house through the door. Walk through short hallway. Head to the left and an emergence hole will open. Close it with a grenade or just kill all the Locust.

Go back to the room on the right and then upstairs when the hole is closed. At the top of stairs Locust will attack from the right. Kill the Locust. When the upstairs is cleared, go back downstairs. At bottom of stairs a Locust will burst through the door to your left.

Kill the Locust and the enter the door the Locust just entered through. Follow this hallway to the left. Turn right at the corner. An emergence hole will open in the room to the right.

Kill the Locust in the room. As Marcus enters the room a Locust will burst through a door ahead and to the left. Enter the door the Locust just broke through.

Follow the hallway until the door to the right. Enter the door to the right. There will be stairs to the left climb the stairs and follow the hallway. When you reach the door to the left, enter the door.

Straight ahead is a wheel. Turn the wheel to open the gate.

Once the gate is open. Go through it and down the stairs. At the landing turn around to the right and continue down the stairs. At the second landing turn to the right and go down the next flight of stairs.

At the bottom two Locust will be trying to open a door. Kill the Locust. Walk up to the door. Kick the door open.

Enter the room through the door. Continue straight ahead. When you can't go straight go around either side. When the paths meet again go forward again. Marcus will be on a raised floor.