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Goat Simulator Walkthrough Quest: Collectibles

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The overall map of Goat Simulator. Credit to

1. Behind the goat at the tower to the castle.

2. In the Goat Castle. On a box.

3. Shed near the road.

4. Jump on the fan from place no 3 (Shed near the road) and land on this power line. Seems impossible but not really. :)

5. Also from (3), jump on the fan and toggle ragdoll. It will boost your speed and height then head to the top of the power line tower.

6. Behind the protestors at the neighbourhood area.

7. Behind the giant rock near the "Ritual" area.

8. Left to the giant rock, below the power line tower.

9. On the roof of Coffee Stain Studio's house.

10. Inside the Coffee Stain Studio's house. Second floor. In a room, on a table.

11. In a greenhouse.

12. On a brach of the twin trees. Jump using the nearby trampoline and toggle ragdoll.

13. Behind the shed near the pool. (School shed)

14. Between the water slides.

15. On top of the diving board.

16. On the bell at the house right to the pool. Jump on this house using the nearby trampoline inside the dry pool.

17. In a house (treadmill in the garage). Second floor, in one of the room.

18. Head to the crop field, go to toilet and it sits right besides the toilet.

19. Turn right and move along the wall. You'll find one there.

20. Near the combine harvester machine. On the right side (if you're standing in front of the machine).

21. At the big hole on the ground.

22. Inside the garage of the gas station.

23. Inside a opened blue container.

24. Inside the Low Gravity Facility. Use the jetpack at the curved ground. (Scaffolding in LGF)

25. Inside the ventilation system. Make sure the goat properly alligned in the center.

26. On the roof of the Low Gravity Facility.

27. On the highest floor of the construction building.

28. On top of the crane.

29. In the blue hanging container. Be sure not to getting kicked out by the robot guardian inside.

30. At the tree in the middle of the crop field.

View the full video tutorial on how to get all collectibles here: Credit to