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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Lamar Down

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The mission begins inside Franklin's mansion with Tanisha making a visit to warn him about Lamar getting betrayed.

After the cutscene, get into your vehicle and make the long trek over to Paleto Bay to meet up with Mike and Trevor.

As Trevor, Mike gives you three options towards infiltrating the compound. For the best possible angle of infiltration, take the path from the western side (with the bulldozer).

By taking the western path, you'll get the best possible angles at eliminating the Ballas without getting swarmed from the south.


Clear out the Ballas on the western side and fight your way towards the back of the mill on the other side. Franklin will be by your side but remember to take cover!

Move north towards the back of the mill and shoot down the gunman perched above.

Slowly move forward while in cover and shoot any and everyone that swarms you. Once you reach the back of the mill (the top of the hill), follow Franklin and shoot down the remaining Ballas.

When the coast is cleared, follow Franklin and find Lamar by the side of the building.

Don't forget the Health Pack on the wall if needed.

With Lamar rescued, you'll have to fight your way back down the mill towards your cars. One more group of Ballas arrive in two sets of cars. Gun them down to clear out the mill for your getaway.

With the coast cleared, get into the nearest vehicle.

Drive Lamar back to his house at Strawberry to complete the mission.