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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough The Big Score (Subtle)

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If you chose to do the "Subtle" approach for the heist, the requirements are not as extreme than it was for the "Obvious" approach. When the mission begins, get in the car and drive over to the waypoint under the tunnel.

When given the signal by Trevor, drop the spikes onto the road and drive away to trigger a cutscene. With the armored vehicles in tow, drive to the next waypoint at the Union Depository.

For the next section...

follow the bank guard as they lead the gang into the vaults.

Once the gold is stashed away, drive away from the area to trigger the next section.

Control is given to Franklin and he must manipulate the traffic lights while diverting the Merryweather hostiles way from the boys. Keep the Merryweather guys at RED lights as much as possible so that Michael and Trevor can move to safety

After the traffic lights are cleared, the gang is ambushed by the Merryweather guys under the bridge, so bust out your weapons and start shooting all the hostiles down.

Several waves will show up, so stay in cover and switching between Michael, Franklin, and Trevor until all is cleared.

When the coast is clear, it's time for the getaway! Hop into the Charger and hightail it outta there. Follow Michael as he guides the crew thru the traffic. Midway thru the chase, the gang jump over the street from the Rockford Hills Plaza causing a massive explosion.

At the other end of the street is a blockade, so make a left turn and then follow the boys to the right as they enter the freeway.

Once your under the bridge, drive up to the open trailer doors to finish this section.

From there, drive back to Michael's house to complete the mission!