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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Sidetracked

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Drive up to the waypoint at the Davis Quarry and get within a safe distance where you'll see two workers at the train tracks. To get the Gold requirement, you'll need to subdue the two workers quickly. You can try going for Stealth attacks on both men but this will increase only mission time, so go for the Sniper Rifle option instead.


Shoot the guard in the tower first and then move right and shoot the guard near the train tracks.

With the coast cleared, go up to the tower and manipulate the rail controls. From there, wait for the train to pass by and then switch to Michael.

Fly the Skylift chopper towards the quarry and find the stopped train car. Line up gingerly from the back of the train, fly low, and use the electromagnet key the moment it becomes available.

Climb quickly, make your way to the trailer at the airfield, and reverse the process. Be patient and try not to overcompensate, using your tail to rotate.

Return and grab a flatbed car using the same method.

Drop off the flatbed car on a second trailer at the airfield to complete the mission.