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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Something Sensible (Kill Trevor)

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Wait for Franklin to set up a meeting with Trevor in a secluded area and to inform Michael of his plans. You can now drive towards the meeting place, i.e. to the El Burro Heights district, in the South-Eastern part of the city. After you get there, watch

Get into the car quickly and follow Trevor. While chasing him, do not try to stop the car driven by Trevor prematurely, because the chase will stop at a predefined moment. Instead, focus on flawless driving and make use of Franklin's special skill, as often as necessary, to enter sharp turns and avoid obstacles.

You especially need to watch out where it will be necessary to go against the traffic. While driving along the highway, later into the chase, consider going along the hard shoulder of the street, which will help you get around the traffic itself. The chas